Chinese Courses  
繁體及注音Traditional Chinese 簡体及拼音拼音Simplified Chinese
幼稚小班 Kindergarten 1 (3 years old) 漢拼基礎 Basic Pinyin
幼稚中班 Kindergarten 2 (4 years old) 漢拼進階 Advanced Pinyin
幼稚大班 Kindergarten 3 (5 years old) 漢語一冊 1st Grade
華語一冊 1st Grade 漢語二冊 2nd Grade
華語二冊 2nd Grade 漢語三冊 3rd Grade
華語三冊 3rd Grade 漢語四冊 4th Grade
華語四冊 4th Grade 漢語五冊 5th Grade
華語五冊 5th Grade 漢語六冊 6th Grade
華語六冊 6th Grade 漢語七冊 7th Grade
華語七冊 7th Grade 漢語八冊 8th Grade
華語八冊 8th Grade 漢語精進班 9th ,10th Grade
華語九冊 9th Grade 中文會話基礎 Conversation Basic
華語精進班 10th ,11th , 12th Grade 中文會話進階 Conversation Intermediate
  中文會話高級 Conversation Advanced
Math Courses Language Courses
Kindergarten Phonics (4 to 6 years old)
1st Grade Writing (1st  – 3rd grade)
2nd Grade Writing (4th  – 6th grade)
3rd Grade SAT Prep Class with Princeton Review
4th Grade Hindi
5th Grade
6th Grade
Algebra I & II  
Other Courses  
 成人國畫 Chinese Painting  
 美術 Children’s Art (4 – 6 yrs)   
 西洋棋 Chess  
 成人書法 Chinese Calligraphy  
 文化課 Chinese Culture  
Tae Kwan Do  
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Jasper High School
6800 Archgate Dr.
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P.O. BOX 261810
Plano, TX 75026-1810
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